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As Americans return to in-person school and work, the twin threats of COVID-19 and influenza infection still loom large. Staying safe while sharing space requires a new approach to bacterial disinfection, and Halosil’s whole-room disinfection system is the solution.

Whole-room disinfection replaces the traditional method of spraying disinfectant on surfaces and wiping them down, which is both labor-intensive and unreliable. It works by aerosolizing the disinfectant so it kills bacteria not just on surfaces, but also in the air, and in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

“The most effective and affordable whole-room systems create a fog that fills the entire space being treated without wetting any surfaces, while still killing up to 99.9999 percent of the hardest-to-kill germs,” said David St. Clair, executive chairman of Halosil International, Inc.

The Halo Disinfection System, which works by using a HaloFogger to disperse HaloMist throughout an entire room, has earned approval by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used in a variety of settings.

“The EPA needs to have registered the specific disinfectant, like HaloMist, to be used with a specific fogging machine, like the HaloFogger,” St. Clair explained. “Otherwise, it is illegal to claim that fogging that disinfectant will kill any germs at all.”

Halosil makes a range of products that offer effective disinfection in medical, academic, scientific, athletic, and office settings. Explore the full suite online at halosil.com/products

The stronger disinfectant

At the heart of the Halo Disinfection System is a proprietary formula that synergistically combines hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, the basis of traditional bacterial disinfectants) with silver. This creates a solution that’s far more effective than H2O2 alone.

The Halosil Formula uses a three-pronged attack to kill harmful bacteria: It attacks and disrupts the cell membrane, binds to enzymes to cause denaturation, and binds to DNA to stop replication. Whereas H2O2 is inherently unstable at high temperatures, the Halosil Formula is non-flammable and non-combustible, and decomposes three times slower at water’s boiling point. It also remains effective in highly contaminated water, and matches the efficiency of standard H2O2 disinfectants while using one-fifth the amount of solution.

The result is reliable whole-room disinfection that kills 99.9999 percent of C. difficile spores and a broad range of other pathogens. Learn more about what sets the Halosil Formula apart at halosil.com/products/the-halosil-formula

Looking ahead

With flu season nearing its end and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout underway, there’s reason to believe we’ve survived the worst of this “twindemic.” However, St. Clair advises optimism to remain cautious.

“While vaccines will certainly help tremendously in the longer term, we should plan on using the tried-and-true methods described for at least all of 2021,” St. Clair concluded.

Vaccines are a great defense against both influenza and coronavirus. However, the flu shot typically only lowers one’s chances of getting the flu by 40-60 percentCOVID-19 vaccines are shown to be 95 percent effective, but difficulty creating, distributing, and storing them (Pfizer’s, for example, must be stored at -94° F) means it could take a yearfor all Americans to get at least their first shot.

That means for the foreseeable future, we will all need to keep our masks up, maintain social distance, wash our hands, and disinfect all shared spaces. And the most reliable way to disinfect entire rooms is with the Halo Disinfection System.

Halosil has ramped up production of its disinfecting systems to ensure immediate delivery on all orders of HaloFoggers and HaloMist. They also offer a lease-to-purchase program, making the Halo Disinfection System affordable for all facility types. Learn more by visiting halosil.com/products/the-halo-disinfection-system/.

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