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Celebrating Purple Day® to Raise Epilepsy Awareness

One in 10 people will have a seizure in a lifetime, and most people do not know how to help them.

But education reduces fear. The Anita Kaufmann Foundation, whose sole mission is to educate the public not to fear epilepsy, has produced seizure first aid material that it sends out for free all over the world.

Purple Day®

The largest grassroots epilepsy awareness initiative in the world is called Purple Day®, which is on March 26 every year.

Purple Day® was started 11 years ago by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan, who felt alone because everyone was afraid of her seizures and wouldn’t invite her to sleepovers. Cassidy wanted there to be one day when everyone with epilepsy would not feel alone.

Purple is the internationally recognized color of epilepsy. Purple Day® is celebrated by millions around the globe in over 120 countries because people with epilepsy related to Cassidy’s struggles. As the global sponsor of Purple Day®, the Anita Kaufmann Foundation sends Purple Day® material all over the world.

Epilepsy awareness

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation has broadened The Purple Day® Campaign by encouraging people to celebrate Purple Day® every day. Epilepsy awareness is important 365 days per year.

Epilepsy advocates are encouraged to educate their community about seizure first aid and epilepsy every day in order to make this a kinder world for people with epilepsy. To learn more, visit

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