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Model Iskra Lawrence on Why Body Acceptance and Self-Care Matter

Photo: Courtesy of Aerie

Look in the mirror and find five non-physical things you love about yourself. Lawrence for example loves her morals like her work ethic and how she’s a good friend.

As her “mirror challenge” continues, Lawrence focuses on five things she loves about her body, like her legs, which allow her to jump and dance; and her hands, which she uses for painting and drawing.

“It’s about changing how you view your body,” she says. “That takes intention. It’s something you have to practice every single day.”

Caring for yourself

The 26-year-old British model tells girls and guys to not just focus on their jean size.

Instead she recommends doing some form of self-care everyday, whether that’s doing the mirror challenge, meditating or enjoying a hobby like baking.

“It’s about doing what makes me happy every single day,” says Lawrence, who regularly posts self-care videos to her YouTube page.

She credits the healthy habit with giving her gratitude, happiness and value for her body.

Stopping the struggle

A model since she was 13, Lawrence was often body shamed and felt insecure.

“I struggled so long,” she says, explaining she only got happy after she gave up trying to change herself to please other people.

She’s unfazed when people criticize her.

“When you have body images issues yourself and you overcome that like I have, really no one else’s opinion matters. I’ve fought that demon in the mirror and that was the worst thing — to punish myself everyday.”

Being real

Lawrence, a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association, is reluctant to discuss her weight and clothing size; she won’t focus on the negative; and she’s always looking forward.

“I don’t want to label myself,” she says. “I want to be defined the things I do.”

She proud of her AerieReal real beauty campaign with lingerie and clothing brand, Aerie, which featured an un-retouched photo on a billboard in Times Square.

“They didn’t retouch me. They accepted me completely as I was,” she says. “I was booked for the job because they liked me and my personality.”

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