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A Family’s Struggle With the Cost of Infertility

When my husband and I learned the cost of infertility treatments, we became discouraged in our dream of creating a family — until we found a way.


Laura Mendenhall

Board Member, The Hope for Fertility Foundation

I am sitting in the genetic counselor office after just receiving news that my second child had no heartbeat — just like our first child. My head is spinning, and I am trying my best to hold it together. During the discussion that started with the loss of my baby, I learned that the only way to ensure we can have a living child is through IVF and genetic testing.

The possibility of a live child was comforting, but then hearing the cost — around $25,000 — brought back the despair. How were we going to afford this? I was working full time as a 5th grade teacher and my husband was working at a startup company. Our insurance would not cover anything related to infertility. I didn’t directly know of anyone who had gone through IVF. The feeling of loneliness set in immediately. Who could I talk to that would understand? Are there any resources out there?

Don’t lose hope

After talking to many family members and friends, we found out about a grant that was connected to a local university hospital. It was a relief to find a way, but it still felt like a long road. The grant included a home study, similar to going through an adoption. It was a big undertaking, but we were eventually chosen for the grant. This was just the beginning of our journey. Seven years and several IVF cycles later, we finally welcomed our daughter. Three years later we added twins.

When you are in the dark place that is infertility, it is important to not lose the spark of hope. If you are experiencing anything similar and are feeling lost with an infertility diagnosis, please consider looking into many of the resources that are out there.

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