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Three Healthcare CEOs on How Their Companies Are Responding to COVID-19

Our panel of experts explain how their companies are mobilizing to meet the unique challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and support those affected.

Joe Kiani

CEO, Masimo

Remote monitoring can help people more easily manage some health conditions at home while they remain under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional. The pandemic caused a surge in some hospitals at a time when they didn’t have sufficient PPE to protect themselves. That created the demand to send patients that had COVID-19 or other health problems that required surveillance home with a remote monitor they could trust. People also had an understandable reluctance to visit hospitals unless absolutely necessary, to minimize contact with potentially infected patients and areas. Driven by these pressures, Masimo SafetyNet™ became an ideal solution. As they become more popular and patients become more comfortable with them, our remote monitoring and telehealth solutions are likely to become increasingly commonplace, long after the pandemic ends.

Dave Hemink

CEO, Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical is here to support our global healthcare partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of COVID-19 across the globe, pulse oximetry has never been more important. The National Institutes of Health has highlighted the importance of pulse oximetry, specifying oxygen saturation of below 93% as an indicator of moderate to severe COVID-19 illness.

With our global business partners, we are working diligently to ensure product availability across the globe for both medical professionals and for home use. Our global team at Nonin is committed to delivering the innovative, noninvasive monitoring solutions that medical professionals and patients count on now, more than ever.

Mick Farrell

CEO, ResMed

As a global leader in digital health and respiratory medicine, ResMed stands strong with healthcare providers in the COVID-19 crisis, helping patients breathe as they fight this virus.

 Since the outbreak began, ResMed has shifted many resources to triple production of our ventilators to deliver lifesaving therapy to patients in need around the world. At the same time, we worked quickly to offer digital health tools to clinicians, like cloud-connected remote monitoring for ventilator patients, enabling better care in a socially distanced world.

I would like to personally thank the frontline clinical heroes — many thousands of respiratory therapists and nurses, pulmonary and critical care medicine physicians, as well as hospital and clinical staff who set up our ventilators for patients in need and deliver the lifesaving gift of breath. You are the superheroes of this COVID-19 crisis, and we salute you!

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