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A rise in chronic conditions has put a spotlight on the need for high-quality respiratory products, and Dynarex, with its Resp-O2™ premium respiratory therapy supplies, is answering the call.

The need for respiratory products is surging. Due in large part to an aging population dealing with chronic respiratory conditions, global demand for oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care, and bronchial and asthma management products is skyrocketing. With so many people depending on these products, patients and providers are seeking suppliers and partners on which they can rely.

“Medical professionals and caregivers are looking for the safest, most reliable supplies available,” said Zalman Tenenbaum, CEO of Dynarex Corporation, a leading durable medical equipment and disposable medical products company. “Because safety is more important than ever, we must protect both the patient and the caregiver at all times.”

Prioritizing safety and quality

Dynarex is an established leader in respiratory products, due in large part to its commitment to quality and safety, as evidenced in its Resp-O2™ line of premium respiratory therapy supplies.

“Throughout the entire Resp-O2 line, Dynarex has paid meticulous attention to details that enhance patients’ safety and comfort,” said Errol Cooper, RT, director of respiratory services at New Vanderbilt Rehabilitation & Care Center in Staten Island, N.Y. “For example, Dynarex nebulizer cups feature an anti-spill design that enables patients undergoing aerosol therapy to receive treatments at angles up to 90 degrees. Whether they are in a seated or prone position, they’re still getting the full efficacy of the medication.”

That attention to detail and patient-centric approach is found throughout the Resp-O2 line of products. For example, trach tube holders are crafted with stitching rather than machine welding to protect delicate skin, and nasal cannulas are made with cushioned tips to maximize patient comfort. 

The Dynarex Resp-O2 line also offers high-quality spirometry and peak flow measurement products to help patients in recovery improve lung function. 

“Spirometry is one of the most important, but often under-utilized aspects of respiratory therapy,” Cooper explained. “When patients are recovering from surgery, it’s vitally important to maximize their lung expansion so we can lower the risk of pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency.”

A one-stop shopping experience

Another common challenge in the respiratory marketplace is that of simple logistics. Many respiratory suppliers limit their offerings to a narrow selection of niche products, making it necessary to tap several vendors in order to fulfill a broad spectrum of respiratory supply needs. This adds time, money, and effort to inventory management and patient care. 

Dynarex meets this challenge head on, offering a full range of supplies in a “one-stop shop” for respiratory essentials. These include products for oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, suction solutions, trach care, manual resuscitation, bronchial and asthma management, and more. Further, Dynarex operates a robust logistical network of six warehouses in the United States, allowing it to meet supply demands in a timely manner and to ensure customers always have access to high-quality products. 

Offering this kind of “soup to nuts” range of products is essential, because it increases efficiency and allows everyone involved to focus on what’s really important. 

“Dynarex has expanded its outstanding line of respiratory products to fulfill the full spectrum of respiratory needs,” said Barry Zuckerman, respiratory adviser for the Dynarex Resp-O2 product line. “In so doing, we are able to save distributors and providers valuable time that they could be devoting to their clients and patients.”

Just as important, the Resp-O2 line isn’t the result of impersonal marketing research — rather, it was built with a patient-centric approach that included consulting with respiratory therapists to understand patients’ real-life needs and pain points. The more comfortable patients feel during treatment, the more likely they are to use respiratory products correctly and consistently, resulting in better outcomes.

“We take great pride in the outstanding quality of this innovative line of products, because the safety and well-being of patients and providers is our primary concern,” Zuckerman said. 

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