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No One Should Get Cancer From College

asbestos-cancer-college-campus-penn state
asbestos-cancer-college-campus-penn state

An asbestos lawsuit against Pennsylvania State University signals a wave of cases brought against institutions of higher education by individuals with lung cancer or mesothelioma.

Michael “Mickey” Robb, Esquire

Partner, Bailey & Glasser, LLP

It began with a retired Pennsylvania State University college professor who had been diagnosed with and died from malignant mesothelioma, a disease with only one known cause – asbestos exposure.

I was retained to represent the professor’s family in a negligence action against the university and our team’s extensive, multi-year investigation learned that asbestos-containing building materials are found in many of Pennsylvania State University’s buildings even to this day and, not surprisingly, including the buildings where our client worked and taught classes for many years.   

After our team’s extensive investigation, a confidential settlement with the university was secured.

Foreshadowing a wave of asbestos litigation

The case against Pennsylvania State University foreshadows what is likely the next wave of asbestos litigation in a field that typically sees asbestos-related diseases in men and women exposed in heavy industrial settings like steel mills, chemical plants, and factories.  

With tens of thousands of asbestos-contaminated buildings scattered on campuses across the United States and lawsuits underway against various higher education institutions, including Dickenson College, Northwestern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and two new mesothelioma cases against Pennsylvania State, individuals who contracted mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in college and university buildings are fighting back.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma and attended or worked inside any American college or university, it is critical to act quickly. You need a team of attorneys with the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you secure the justice and compensation you and your family deserve.

Call attorney Michael “Mickey” Robb at the law firm of Bailey & Glasser, LLP for a free consultation.

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