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New Smart Technology for Monitoring Your Baby’s Health

Kelly Mariotti

Executive Director, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, JPMA

Ask a grandparent what nursery accessories they used, and they’ll mention the basics: crib, changing table, and glider. Today’s parents have many more options with smart technology. But they need assurance that the products they are buying are safe.

Technology can never replace a human, but smart technology products can be a back-up option. Modern bassinet and swing technology can mimic a parent’s smooth rocking motion, monitor the baby’s crying, and soothe them with a mix of white noise and gentle vibration. As with any baby product, follow manufacturers’ instructions to make sure the product is used safely.


New innovations

Back in the day, monitors served the purpose of listening for baby to wake. Now, their capabilities are almost endless. Modern monitors can have high-definition live video streaming and also measure room temperature, air quality, and humidity. Some even track a baby’s breathing and heart rate so parents can rest easy through the night. If using a monitor with a cord, make sure it is out of the baby’s reach and at least three feet away.

Learn more about VTech and how you can monitor your baby.

Apps for parents

There are also a variety of smartphone apps available to help as your baby grows from toddler to teen. There are apps to monitor feeding times, diaper changes, and sleep health. Some provide daily activity suggestions designed specifically for your baby’s age and stage to support gross motor, cognitive, speech, sensory, self-care, and social-emotional development.


Though smart tech can be a helpful resource and relieve stress, the very best way parents learn about their babies is by paying attention and learning their small hints and cues. Take a break sometimes from the technology to give you baby all the old-fashioned love and cuddles they need.

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