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Attend the Midwest Reproductive Symposium International

Dr. Angie Beltsos

The Midwest Reproductive Symposium international

The Midwest Reproductive Symposium international (MRSi) is a world-renowned international meeting dedicated to the life and science of fertility. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Angie Beltsos, CEO  and chief medical officer of Vios Fertility Institute, MRSi is attended by physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, scientists, REI fellows, OB-GYN residents, as well as business experts from around the world who are highly engaged in the research  and practice of reproductive medicine.

World-changing education

The three-day program not only enhances the education of those attending, but also allows for the sharing of best practices and discussion topics relevant to reproductive health. MRSi features lectures, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, and offers attendees a unique opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors in casual, formal, and educational settings. 

“This conference was built on the ‘Nelson Mandela premise’ that the most powerful way to change the world is education. Each year, we witness incredible presentations by global thought leaders followed by Q&A sessions and dialogue,” explains Beltsos. “Through this conference, MRSI hopes to impact the number of babies born by sharing wisdom to raise fertility treatment success rates around the world.”

Planned events

Attendees will learn how to utilize evidence-based studies to improve patient outcomes; identify patient concerns and enact appropriate methods to address them; discuss new concepts, techniques, and treatment modalities in reproductive medicine; and identify current clinical challenges to the effective and timely delivery of reproductive treatment and in vitro fertilization.

In 2003, MRSi was attended by 170 health care professionals. Since then, the program has increased in attendance each year, with 2019 hosting over 600 participants. In 2017, the conference garnered more than 100 million views based on Nielsen ratings when Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, and Elizabeth Carr, America’s first IVF baby, were introduced for the first time LIVE on stage. 

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