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Healthcare Administration

Industry Expert Weighs in on Developments in Healthcare

Mark Crockett, CEO of Verge Health, discusses innovative healthcare solutions and the challenges ahead.

Mark Crockett

CEO, Verge Health

What is one mistake that every healthcare administrative professional makes in their first year on the job?

Waiting for things to go wrong and then reacting is not safety, nor is it excellence. But that’s been the way healthcare functions. Too many professionals can’t reach beyond their own area to utilize data and information impacting their domain to fix issues before a patient is harmed.

How has technology helped healthcare administrative professionals to better implement patient safety?

Which would you rather have, one fixed patient experience, or an entire fixed delivery process to prevent future errors? Technology from outside of healthcare is making “manufacturing clinical excellence” a reality through rounding, compliance technology, and accountability.     

What is one question healthcare administrative professionals should be asking their risk management provider?

“Where are the brown M&M’s?” Van Halen back in the ‘80s knew that the right questions (proxy metrics) asked will help you discover risk. A risk management provider needs to be able to provide not just information on risk, but what questions can be asked to spot problems in advance.

How can healthcare administrators take the steps to create a culture of safety?

Safety Culture requires everyone to be transparent and act. Rounding is a critical component. Cascading information focused on communication, proactive risk management, and continuous learning through daily huddles from the department to the CEO emphasizes transparency and excellence. 

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