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How Health Care Administrators Keep Our Medical System Running Smoothly

Being an administrative professional in healthcare is much more than answering the phone and scheduling a meeting. Every day we work with our executives to understand the priority of a meeting, provide a timeline for scheduling, make sure travel time is allowed, get conference rooms are set up and a variety of other operations. This is not an easy task when there’s a depth and breadth of details to keep organized. Communication between all levels of management is key to an administrator’s success.

All-around professionals

Being able to thrive as an administrative professional you must be flexible. You must be able to juggle multiple tasks and have open communication with your team members. Building relationships is key to your success. When trying to schedule a meeting with multiple executives and physicians, it is important to again be as flexible as possible when everyone has busy calendars. Keep your lines of communication open.

I have been in health over 25 years and much has changed for the better. The machines, tools, education that healthcare providers have available today is amazing. Physicians and nurses who have direct patient care have extraordinary skill sets to help the patient have a positive experience.

Developing a community

Professional development is also key to thriving as an administrative professional. I joined a professional association years ago to ensure I was always continuing my education. The annual conferences, webinars throughout the year, quarterly newsletters and other resources have helped me grow professionally. Networking with your peers from all over the United States is extremely rewarding. It is amazing to hear and learn from others to help you grow in your health care role.

Beth Klaustermeier, President, Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals, [email protected]

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