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Future of Healthcare

Virtual Care Success Teaches Organization Survival Skills

Virtual care services have taught us three lessons during the pandemic: focus on customers; implement value; and always remember one’s mission.

When the pandemic started, business leaders asked themselves, “How are we going to keep our operations functioning?” Now, they should look to the success of virtual care, including telehealth services, to learn how best to leverage technology to maintain their operations. Here are a few lessons my clients have shared from their involvement in virtual care.


Customer is king

The pandemic has impacted how businesses engage customers. Patients need to engage with their care teams just as a business needs to engage with their customers. When businesses have easily accessible technology, organizations can continue to thrive. Patient-focused virtual care services are propelling healthcare forward through rapid and successful adoption.

Make the most of what you have

Healthcare organizations had only a handful of true telehealth platforms in place prior to the pandemic. Investment in telehealth-supporting technology was minimal, considered as nice to have, but not essential. Back then, they were still able to drive or walk into a hospital without fear or anxiety.

Now, technology and adoption have collided. Patients are demanding access to remote, contactless care. Healthcare providers have been forced to bring their operations forward and embrace technology solutions.

You are working hard to provide the best and safest experience for patients and staff—shouldn’t your technology do the same?

The pandemic customer wants an easy experience based on their personal preferences, just as we have seen with telehealth. Your business should remember the new normal when planning and budgeting for your technology needs. 

Know your mission

An instrument of its success, telehealth provided a channel for healthcare providers to deliver care to their patients. There was no delay in validating technology. Customers were aware of the capabilities.  Healthcare provider missions were achieved seamlessly because teams always had their missions in mind.


When it comes to your business, remember your mission. Let your mission be your guiding star. Even before the pandemic, your mission was your customer engagements, financial planning, and future planning. Remember those plans when adapting to the new normal.

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