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Future of Healthcare

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare in America

Digital solutions are changing healthcare for patients and doctors alike. Russ Johannesson, CEO of diabetes remote monitoring software company Glooko, weighs in on the future of the industry.

Russ Johannesson

CEO, Glooko

How do you feel access to healthcare will change in the future? 

Access will continue to expand as digital health solutions proliferate and combine with more supportive reimbursement policies by public and private insurers. We have seen a clear increase in remote use during the pandemic and I believe this trend will continue. 

What can be done in your industry to improve access for all Americans? 

Improving access is a multifaceted challenge ranging from reimbursement to availability. For example, in March we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a free version of our software to clinics and patients to ensure they could remotely receive diabetes treatments.

How can technology change the face of healthcare? 

Digital health solutions have proven their ability to transform treatment and greatly improve clinical outcomes. By improving patient engagement and connectivity to the clinician, these solutions optimize the standard of care. 

What has inspired you to make changes in the healthcare system?

Many of us at Glooko have been personally touched by diabetes and understand the challenges of living with a chronic condition. This drives us to help improve the situation by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders across the system.

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