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Future of Healthcare

Consumerism Is Coming to Clinical Trials

Photo: Courtesy of YouVersion on Unsplash

We have a perfectly designed $3.7 trillion healthcare system. It’s perfectly designed to deliver more healthcare, not health. But what is it that people want? More health.

The system is broken, yet we’re finding ways to fix it. Today, I believe we’re at an inflection point. During the pandemic, we’ve seen the acceleration of telehealth, home care, and many other improvements. Clinical trials, which have evolved little in the past century, are experiencing a new wave of consumerism with a focus on comfort, convenience, confidentiality, and care.

The democratization of the architecture of clinical trials means everyone with a smartphone can be a researcher. The future of data collection will be largely on the edge, leveraging video, chat, voice, and pictures, giving a 360-degree view of health.

Finally, progress does not have to come to the detriment of privacy. Through technologies like edge AI, federated learning, and zero-trust infrastructure, we can preserve privacy by sharing data in limited ways and the clinical learnings more broadly. The next challenge is how we engage and retain those patients at scale and low cost to transform research and care.

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