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Fighting the Flu

Why This CEO Hasn’t Let the Pandemic Slow Her Down

Small businesses have had to make major changes in the wake of COVID-19, but Jodi Scott, co-founder and CEO of the plant-based bath products company Green Goo, says they are working harder than ever to bring more products to market and give back to the community.

Jodi Scott

Co-Founder and CEO, Green Goo

What actions have you taken to sustain your business during the pandemic?

In order for us to sustain our business, we revisited a playbook of recommendations we’ve referred to many times over the years, which include watching your inventory, cash preservation, and slowing down growth. Except, we have done none of that. We’ve spent more on marketing, we have more inventory, and we’ve donated more products in the last six months than we ever did before. We brought over 50 new products to market, launched two brands, and have a rebrand in the works. I can’t tell you if this has all been a good idea, but I can say that I feel like we have made a huge difference in so many lives, we remained agile and responded to our customers’ needs, and we will keep fighting every day to bring healthy products into their homes.

How have you remained true to your company’s core values?

The fact that we are still in business and have the great joy of bringing our natural products into people’s homes fills me with a great sense of gratitude and pride, and also strengthens our mission to help in whatever way we can. This year, we have actually expanded our philanthropic outreach by ten times, including financial and product donations to NYC Health, Central Texas Food Bank, Johns Hopkins Medicine, God’s Love We Deliver (NYC), UCLA Health, and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. One of the things I’m most excited about, recognizing the impact of the economic crisis during the pandemic, we are soon to launch a new brand that remains natural but at a value price.

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