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During a flu season like no other, plant-based products offer a host of benefits beyond keeping you healthy.

As flu season hits this year, medical experts worry that we might be staring down a “twindemic.”

“Flu season has always been there,” says Jen Scott, co-founder and director of product development at Green Goo, a certified-B corporation that makes plant-based healthcare products. “But not like anything we’re seeing right now.”

Inside and out

Research has shown that plant-based products can be very effective in reducing flu infection and resisting viral infections.

“Plant-based care works to build your immune system,” Scott says. Your skin, she notes, is the body’s largest organ, making Green Goo’s line of hand sanitizers, relief bath salts, and their Free to Breathe Salve (which uses the antiviral ravensara essential oil to create a barrier against viruses while also helping to break up mucus in the lungs and sinuses) essential.

Better for all

Green Goo uses only whole-plant ingredients distilled from a lipid infusion process, combining concentrated herbs over low heat for a long period of time, maximizing the medicinal properties.

But Green Goo’s mission is about more than process.  “Howwe build our business is just as important,” she notes. This mission includes volunteering in the community and donating products to both local and national organizations such as the Keep A Breast Foundation and World Vision.

For Scott, the bottom line is simple. “If I can’t put these products on my own child, I’m not going to sell them,” she says.

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