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Why You Should Replace Your Bathtub With a Roll In Shower

Taking a shower can be rejuvenating and restorative, and it’s something most people take for granted. Many Americans have lost the ability to access their shower due to an illness, disability or advanced age, since getting into a tub can be dangerous.

Replacing a conventional bathtub with a roll in shower can restore this accessibility for many people, and give them the gift of safe and relaxing showers.

“My husband, a right above-knee amputee, is even able to shower standing up for a short time using the custom grab bars. It is a first for him in almost four years,” says Barb Meyer, after having a roll in shower installed in their bathroom. “He loves the adjustable shower head and the seat is great.”

“My 91-year-old father loves it, and does not have to take a bath from the sink any longer,” Pam Rubar told us after her renovation.

Your home should be a sanctuary through all stages of life, even the challenging times. Replacing a bathtub with an accessible shower, and adding a secure seat and grab bars can make a world of difference for someone with a disability by restoring their dignity and confidence, and giving them back their independence. 

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