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How Booster Fuels Helps People With Disabilities Gas up With Ease

Jordan Valdés

Head of Public Affairs, Booster Fuels

Booster Fuels, the number one same-day contactless mobile fueler, was created for people to have a safer, healthier, more convenient alternative to getting gas. A young company, Booster also offers significant economic and environmental benefits to communities. Each “boost” saves customers 15 minutes, 1.2 miles, 1.1 pounds of CO2, and $.80 of wear and tear to their vehicles.

Six years ago, Booster Fuels started to reinvent the way energy is delivered, beginning with the more than 100-year-old fuel delivery supply chain. The benefit of centering the supply chain around the customer is making fuel not only more convenient, but truly accessible to those living with a disability.

At the pump

Every day, many of the 60 million people with disabilities still have trouble getting gas at traditional fuel stations in America. And while the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) required all service stations to provide refueling assistance upon request, for the disability community, this seemingly simple task can prove difficult, if not impossible.

Booster provides a gas station on wheels solution where no one ever needs to ask for help to get fuel. Mobile fueling on-demand (MFOD) is growing rapidly because it offers people freedom through contactless service, and convenience with the ability to get fuel through its mobile app. Additionally, MFOD affords people with chronic illnesses and the elderly added protections during the pandemic, since  71 percent of gas pump handles have high levels of contaminants and pathogens. 

Through community partnerships with disability community organizations, Booster Fuels is raising awareness about what companies can do to be more accessible for people with disabilities. 

We’re fighting every day to grow our service and bring it to communities all over the country. To contribute to this effort, share your mobile fueling story with policymakers and legislators, and let them know why mobile fueling improves your everyday life.

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