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Actress Jamie Brewer Is Encouraging People With Disabilities to Never Give Up

Photo: Courtesy of Carrie Hammer

Known for her character Adelaide “Addie” Langdon in “American Horror Story,” Brewer loves acting on TV, in movies, and in the theater. Her training and successful career started in eighth grade when she attended a college-for-kids course to learn about production and the performing arts.

She loves the variety of acting and is looking forward to doing some comedy. She’s grateful to share her talents with fans and the community.

“It’s given me the opportunity to continue to advocate for people with disabilities, and also making characters come alive in theater, in TV, and film,” said Brewer, 35. “I can be anything.”

Fashion and role model 

In 2015, Brewer was the first woman with Down syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. She stunned in a black dress from designer Carrie Hammer.

Brewer took the moment in stride but admits she was surprised by the media coverage she received. She describes the experience as, “exciting, inspiring, but not overwhelming,” concluding, “I don’t crack under pressure.”

She knows people look up to her and takes her role model status seriously. She’s always authentic: “I am being me, just myself,” she said.

Brewer says while there’s a lot of work to be done in the entertainment industry to be more inclusive, that change is happening. 

“We’re still continuing to grow, and we need to grow more,” she said

Photo: Courtesy of Travis Tanner Photography

So far, her experiences have all been positive. In 2018, she starred as Amy in the off-Broadway play “Amy and the Orphans,” which is about three adult siblings, including one with Down syndrome, who reunite for their father’s funeral. That year, she became the first actor with Down syndrome to win a Drama Desk Award, being named the Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play for her portrayal of Amy. 

During her acceptance speech she said, “I want to thank everyone here for believing in what I can do. I’m going to show you what individuals with disabilities can do.”


An advocate for people with disabilities, Brewer was a young adult when she was part of a Texas government affairs committee that worked to abolish demeaning terms in state laws, such as “mental retardation,” which was changed to “person with developmental disabilities.”

She works with many advocacy groups, including Best Buddies, the National Down Syndrome Congress, the Down Syndrome Associations of Orange County and Los Angeles, and many more.

With a bubbly personality and a positive outlook, Brewer wants to inspire people with disabilities to do anything they put their minds to.

“Don’t let your disability be your disadvantage,” she said. “Use your disability in everything you do in life.”

She advises people with disabilities to “never give up. Listen to the advice of family and friends, listen to your heart, be yourself, think positive.”

Up next, Brewer, who lives in Los Angeles, will play a fairy in “Snow Moon,” an animated film. These days during COVID-19, she’s hanging out with her mini Yorkshire terrier Bella, cooking, and watching culinary shows. She’s also focused on learning Spanish, sign language, and French.

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