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Our gut microbiome is not doing well — while it is certainly appreciative of the pandemic’s home-cooked meals and the homemade banana bread, it’s still working overtime. 

When our mental health is suffering it doesn’t just affect our sleep or our stress levels or our ability to focus, it also affects our gut. Scientists have told us for years that our mental health and our gut health are interconnected. 

The positive news is that this mind-gut connection is a two-way street — and because of this relationship we really have no excuse to neglect digestive wellness. 

What we need

Digestive enzymes are naturally produced by the body to help aid in the appropriate breakdown and absorption of nutrients from our food. However, there are some conditions where the body may become deficient in these enzymes, or they may not function properly. This is where supplementation may be helpful for some individuals. 

The idea for FRISKA, a newly launched digestive enzyme and probiotic brand, stems from my own personal health issues including acute pancreatitis. What I discovered was that while the benefits of probiotics are widely known, the power of enzymes is often overlooked. 

The nuance of digestive enzymes is that they really help your body break down the food you eat and turn your food into bio-available energy. The fact that you can take a multivitamin for 20 years and not tell if it works — I wanted to create a product that we could proudly stand behind, and consumers could feel working. 

FRISKA’s digestive health collection gives you all you need in one. They’re not just probiotics or just enzymes or just botanicals, but all three in one dose. On top of that, the line is condition-specific, offering unique formulations for men and women, supplements catered specifically to carb-sensitive or dairy-sensitive folks, keto diet devotees, and supplements designed specifically for sleep, immunity, and mood. Pricing at about a dollar a dose also makes our guts pretty happy. You can learn more about the benefits of introducing FRISKA into your daily routine at, and it is available for purchase at your local CVS and

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