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These Workout Tips Will Get You Moving and Keep Your Diabetes in Check

Most doctors tell people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes to “get more exercise,”  however, how to safely exercise with diabetes is not usually communicated. Exercise is fundamentally different for people living with diabetes, starting with the need to check blood sugar, which can be difficult while exercising. Here are a few things you can do for better blood sugar management:

1. Check your blood sugar on a regular basis

Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugars over time. By checking your blood sugar before, during, and after exercise, you will start to understand how different exercises or workout routines impact your blood sugar.  

2. Pay attention to how different foods affect your blood sugar

Different types of carbohydrates affect each person a bit differently. Paying attention to how certain carbohydrates impact your blood sugar levels will help you better manage your condition over time. This helps you adjust your diet to keep your blood sugars in a healthy range.

3. Move your body in ways that help your muscles use energy

Moving your body is important because it helps your muscles use the sugar in your blood for energy, and helps the insulin that your body still makes (or that you inject) work better. The activity does not have to be a grueling task that takes hours, and can be as simple as squats, step-ups, and calf and knee raises.

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