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The Sock That’s Helping Diabetics Enjoy the Outdoors

Photo: Courtesy of EcoSox

It is a well known fact that spending time outdoors has restorative and therapeutic benefits on a person’s well-being. The Japanese call it “Shinrinyoku” or forest bathing. In today’s busy, digital-filled world, it is increasingly important to be able to pursue physical activity and balance in life. For people living with diabetes, physical activity is also a tool for managing the disease.   


There are a ton of clothing products that enable outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their activities, from shoes and underwear, to backpacks and parkas. People with diabetes have to be concerned with foot health, and avoid blistering and ulcers, which can lead to foot amputation in some cases. 

As consumers, people with diabetes make choices based on what offers the greatest foot health solution. In the past, they likely found it necessary to compromise when it came to socks and outdoor gear.  


Today, that compromise is no longer necessary. EcoSox has created diabetic hiking socks that combine the qualities needed in a diabetic sock with the comfort and cushioning required of a hiking sock.  EcoSox uses cellulose-derived yarn that has inherent silk-like softness to reduce rubbing and blistering.  

The yarn is also six times more absorbent than cotton, which helps keep feet dry.  A dry foot is important to diabetics because moisture provides an environment for microbes to grow.  

When it comes to socks, diabetics no longer have to compromise with their outdoor gear.


This article has been paid for by Ecosox.

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