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Step Up Your Game with Fitness and Nutrition Expert Sassy Gregson-Williams

Saskia (Sassy) Gregson-Williams is the Founder of Naturally Sassy, a fitness and healthy food global online platform. Her mission is to inspire people to love the skin they’re in through inspiring movement and great tasting, feel-good food.

You became a fitness and nutrition expert at such a young age, how did you find your passion?

I began dancing when I was three years old and continued into my teens training to be a professional ballerina. An intensely athletic education taught me the importance of nutrition from a young age. Due to an ankle injury, I took a long time off in rehabilitation. This time was key for me as I learned to express my passion for dance and nutrition in another way, which was the start of my blog and journey as an entrepreneur. I studied nutrition and different fitness modalities, and honed my knowledge in both areas. I realised that I could help more people and fuel my passion running Naturally Sassy in a way that I couldn’t pursuing a career as a ballerina. 

Why did you decide to cut sugar out of your diet and start on your nutrition journey? 

I suffered from chronic eczema growing up and found that dairy and sugar were largely to blame. Cutting out both dramatically improved my skin and energy. I saw how powerful nutrition could be with this experience and started to understand the importance of nourishing myself to help other areas of my life. 

What’s your go-to healthy snack? 

A big green smoothie with avocado, banana, kale, spinach, vanilla protein powder, and oat milk. 


What are the benefits of a ballet-infused workout?

Dance is a full-body workout; you’re using the length of your limbs at all times. Dance fitness like ballet and my “Ballet Blast” class access muscles you wouldn’t usually use through turned-out positions and balances. You focus in on strengthening the structural elements of the body (core/glutes/upper back) and the exercises are very intentional toward each body part.

What are some fitness tips you would suggest to our readers who are just starting to work out?

If you’re not currently seeing a personal trainer who has helped you create a goal-specific plan, you must first stop yourself and think, “why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve?”

This could be based in feeling more mobile or wanting greater flexibility, but it could also be a weight or strength goal. It doesn’t matter what your “Why” is, but it matters that you have one and that it is measurable, e.g: a particular weight you’d like to reach, a speed you’d like to run a 5k in, or a move you’d like to be strong enough to do. We need to see progression. 

I believe tracking progress to be an incredibly important tool for self-motivation and of course with that comes having a goal to your training. It’s important you have somewhere to aim for. Take a weekly note to monitor where you are in the process, re-motivating you to keep on going.

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