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How Wireless Devices Are Making Telehealth for Diabetes Easier

Keeping regular appointments with your diabetes healthcare team is important for maintaining good health. New devices like a wireless blood glucose meter can allow you to electronically share data with your healthcare team, keeping them up to date on crucial information without even visiting their office. 

The benefits of telehealth

A self-managed condition like diabetes is well-suited for telehealth care. Likely, a care plan is already in place for those with diabetes to track their blood glucose levels at home, take medications as prescribed, and log any other necessary health data.

Incorporating diabetes telehealth options can remove barriers that might be keeping people from getting quality care or follow-up recommendations. Multiple studies from 2004, 2017, and 2019 have investigated the correlation between missed follow-up appointments for those with chronic conditions like diabetes, and the increased potential for poorly controlled glucose levels and risk of hospital admission. 

Maintaining regular communication and appointments, which can be done via telehealth, can improve the care and health of high-risk patients. 

Blood glucose meters

Having the right tools is essential to having a successful remote monitoring experience. With a Bluetooth blood glucose meter, there’s no need to manually track levels in a paper log, as data flows seamlessly from the meter to a mobile app. 

The testing process is just like using a traditional meter, though with a Bluetooth meter, each time a blood glucose reading is taken, the result is sent wirelessly to an app on a connected smart device, automatically recording the reading in a digital log. 

Past glucose readings and other health information can be tracked and shared with others, such as by emailing a PDF report from the app. You can use these sharing options to keep your healthcare team up to date with accurate glucose data, which can be crucial for managing a diabetes treatment plan remotely. 

With these new technology advances, diabetes telehealth can be an easy and convenient option for both patients and their healthcare teams.

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