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How a Medicinal Skincare Company Is Serving the Diabetic Community

Photo: Courtesy of Aidance

When Perry Antelman studied his father’s research into special classes of minerals and saw their therapeutic results, he was compelled to bring this technology to the world. He launched Aidance Scientific, a research, development, and topical compounding facility, and set forth a healing revolution. 

Since the early days with its original Terrasil® Therapeutic Skincare formula, Aidance has pushed ahead in innovation to provide quality healing solutions grounded in science that harness the power of natural ingredients for wound care and other skin conditions.

In 2012, Aidance wanted to deliver more for its customers. Aidance developed a specialized family of Terrasil® products with specific OTC active ingredients for optimal results. 

Always prioritizing the needs and feedback of its core customer base, the new line of products was tremendously successful. Sales continued to grow, with the diverse product line appealing to new groups of customers via Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS. 

Despite the growth, those direct relationships, now with thousands of repeat customers, have remained a core Aidance value. “Our customer support team has customers who ask for them by name — where else do you find that nowadays?” said Aidance co-founder Andrew Warren. 

Solutions for diabetics

With recent statistics putting diabetics at a 25 percent lifetime risk of experiencing chronic wounds and a 15 percent risk of experiencing foot ulcers, Aidance stands perfectly poised to offer topical therapeutic care solutions to diabetic and prediabetic populations. 

Aidance combines a mission-driven business with family-centered culture, a track record of high customer satisfaction, and successful studies and reviews from leading wound care and health professionals, making its products a clear favorite among the vulnerable diabetic community and beyond.  

Now in 2021, Aidance continues to refine formulations and processes to improve its existing products and launch new ones. Aidance recently launched its Diabetic’s Ulcer & Sore Relief ointment in an easy-to-use jar container. 

Check out to learn more about how you can incorporate its trailblazing treatments into your daily routine, and see why so many people are turning to Aidance to help them manage their diabetes with optimal skin health and wellness.

Note: Aidance Scientific, Inc. stresses that its products are not a substitute for professional medical advice and are not meant to treat or cure diabetes or any systemic disease or disorder. Aidance encourages all users of natural ingredient products that may have allergy concerns to “spot test” on healthy skin first.

This article has been paid for by Aidance.

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