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Sugar is bad for us, but ditching it is challenging. One company wants to help.

No one understands the power of sugar better than a professional chef. “Let’s face it, sugar is delicious,” says chef, Ryan Turner. “But the long-term consequences of both sugar and carbohydrates are making us tired, sick and ultimately unhappy.”

Turner sought a better solution when his clients began requesting foods that conformed to low-carb and no-sugar diets. “I was fed up with trying to bake and cook with sweeteners that simply didn’t work.”

Health benefits

Turner co-founded Sola and developed the Sola line — a range of low-carb products with no added sugar including low-carb bread, granola, bars, ice cream and its namesake sweetener, a direct sugar replacement. “I like to think of Sola products as a new healthy way of eating your favorite foods without all of the negative health aspects,” he says. “Many pre-diabetics, and even those with Type 2 diabetes, have actually managed to reverse the disease, simply by removing sugar from their lives and adopting a lower carb lifestyle. Sola products have been clinically proven to suppress blood sugars and insulin responses.”

The challenge

One big challenge is the fact that sugar and carbohydrates are everywhere. “You need to be very careful at the grocery store,” Turner advises. “Read the nutrition labels to make sure you are not unwittingly consuming too many carbs and sugar.” Sugar and carbs have many misleading names (e.g., natural cane sugar, honey, brown rice syrup), and even whole-grain breads can have the same glucose and insulin response as sugar. This makes healthy shopping difficult.

Turner is committed to helping people be healthier. “I personally think a healthy lifestyle starts by understanding that sugar and carbohydrates have attacked our food supply and we have to pay attention to the ingredients with misleading names for both.  

Turner’s new cookbook, “Boundless,” contains over 350 low-carb recipes, that lose the sugar, but maintain great taste. Sola products are in some grocery stores and available on Amazon.

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