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Diabetes can cause a loss of sensation in the body’s extremities, making it common for people with diabetes to develop chronic wounds on their feet, referred to as diabetic foot ulcers. To keep these wounds from becoming infected — and even requiring amputation — they require immediate attention to expedite healing. For patients looking to treat chronic wounds — especially those with diabetic foot ulcers, advances in treatment options are providing patients with a new sense of optimism.

“The longer you have a wound, the harder it is for your body to heal it,” said Mandy Spitzer, a medical education manager for Smith+Nephew and credentialed as a wound care nurse. “Science supports that it is important to heal a wound as quickly as possible to keep it from becoming infected or chronic.”

Routinely, doctors and their patients have used bandages such as gauze to heal wounds. The Smith+Nephew PICO™ System is an example of how proprietary technology is being used to improve upon traditional methods of treating wounds. By using suction delivered to a dressing (with AIRLOCK™ Technology) covering the wound, via a pocket-sized battery powered pump, the PICO System can assist the body to create new tissue and close the wound. The dressing can stay on a wound for up to seven days, is showerproof*, and is designed with portability in mind. 

“The PICO System can be easier for the patient,” Spitzer said. “It’s small, lightweight, and the belt clip makes it easy to carry with you, allowing for discreet therapy and the ability for you to continue with daily activities.”

If you have diabetes and suffer from chronic foot ulcers or other wounds, ask your doctor if the PICO System is right for you. See how the PICO System has changed the life of others living with diabetic foot ulcers by visiting

*The PICO dressing should not be exposed to a direct spray or submerged in water.

Important Safety Information

Smith+Nephew does not provide medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to serve as medical advice. The PICO pumps contain a MAGNET. Keep the PICO pumps at least 4 inches (10 cm) away from other medical devices at all times. As with all electrical medical equipment, failure to maintain appropriate distance may disrupt the operation of nearby medical devices. For full product and safety information, please see the Instructions for Use.

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