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YouTuber Margot Lee on Her Healthy College Lifestyle

college lifestyle-healthy lifestyle-college-Margot Lee
college lifestyle-healthy lifestyle-college-Margot Lee
Margot Lee, Photo Courtesy of Isabel Evans

Lifestyle and fashion influencer Margot Lee explains how she lives her best on-campus life.


What are some tips for maintaining a healthy diet in college? What is one of your favorite healthy recipes? 

Health in college is all about balance and being kind to yourself! Chances are, your lifestyle will change drastically when you start college, so it’s really important to give yourself time to readjust to your new environment, especially when it comes to your diet. My favorite recipe was making a smoothie in my dorm using frozen fruits and yogurt packs from the dining hall. 

Courtesy of Isabel Evans

What did you do at college to stay physically active and motivated? 

Between a huge course load, social events, and extracurriculars, I found I barely had time to sleep, let alone make it to the gym. My biggest tip would be to try to walk everywhere you can and find a workout buddy to hold you accountable. 


How were you able to make a balanced schedule in college that involved getting your work done, and staying healthy? 

Schedule time for yourself! It’s easy to put schoolwork and events ahead of your personal needs, but just penciling in 30 minutes a day for “me time,” whatever that means to you, will ensure that you can check-in and do what you need to do in order to feel better and stay healthy. 

What was your routine to prep for finals? What does a day of studying for you look like?

I always do my best studying in cafes, so I’d try to secure a table early in the day, get a large coffee, and hunker down. Bonus points if you leave your phone in your dorm so you don’t get distracted and give yourself five-minute stretch breaks as you need them. 


With college safety and security being a major issue for young women, what did you do to feel safe while living on campus?

Always have multiple friends that you share location with and update where you’re going, avoid walking alone at night, and be familiar with your campus’s safety procedures. 

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