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Safety Devices for Seniors Have Never Been More Important

Recent months have made living alone increasingly dangerous for seniors, so some are turning to safety devices.

Senior safety is more critical now in 2020 than ever before. Many seniors are choosing to forgo retirement communities and senior living facilities in favor of aging-in-place, where they can remain in their own homes during their golden years. For seniors living alone or caring for a deteriorating spouse, technology can be a saving grace that allows them to remain independent and safe. 

A continuum of services starting with a daily call check-in service, potentially paired with an emergency alert pendant or in-home sensors and fall detection devices can provide a layer of security and safety for those living alone or with an impaired partner. Today’s technology allows seniors to maintain their independence for far longer than they could before.

In July of last year, Vince Arcuri, living alone in New York, had a sudden gallbladder attack overnight. Arcuri’s attack caused him to go into septic shock. Within a matter of hours he went from feeling fine, to being too weak to pick up the phone, to falling into a coma. Fortunately, Arcuri had signed up for a daily check in call. On the day of the emergency, the daily call service from alerted one of Arcuri’s family members when he did not answer his scheduled call. From there, his family was able to get Arcuri to the hospital where he received treatment.

“I can say that saved my life,” Arcuri said.

Safety pendants and daily-call services have saved countless lives over the years. Using either service, or both in conjunction, can reduce the severity of an emergency and can help ease the mind of seniors and their loved ones.

It’s hard to predict what the second half of 2020 will bring, and when an older family member or loved one is living independently, it can be scary for everyone involved.

Taking control of our own environment and being prepared for unexpected changes not only improves the safety of living alone but also provides peace of mind that if something should happen, our loved ones will get the timely care they need.

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