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Improving Access to Safe and Comfortable Senior Living

If you’re seeking a senior living space for your loved one, using a realtor with experience finding suitable homes for these individuals is critical, said Toni Randolph, a realtor with Access Perfect Homes. The company provides services for seniors and their families, including real estate, social activities, and technology that strive to improve daily living.

The real estate agency Keller Williams has a specific group dedicated to these efforts: The Access Perfect Homes team. “Our unparalleled commitment to our special clientele is demonstrated by our creation of Access School of Real Estate, whose mission is to ensure that all Access Perfect Homes realtors are formally trained to meet the real estate needs of seniors and those with disabilities,” Randolph said. She added that these realtors have completed advanced training and received designation as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), which provides education in serving seniors specifically. Only 2 percent of United States realtors have this designation, she said.

Assessing needs

Determining your loved one’s wants and needs is a crucial first step. Are they downsizing? Do they need a safe and healthy “aging in place” home? Or are they relocating to an assisted living facility or an active adult community?

Whatever the need, making these transitions may be easier with financial and logistical help.

“Our network of professionals includes members such as Senior Transition Managers who will prepare a personalized moving plan for your loved one,” Randolph said. “Our network of experienced financial planners, elder law attorneys, and home health care specialists, just to name a few, ensures the entire downsizing process moves as smoothly as possible.”

Leveraging the power of tech 

These days, finding and designing a senior home is made easier with innovation in technology.

Randolph said it all begins with the home search. “The utilization of video tours and Facebook live open house events has made the home shopping experience much easier for those who are less mobile,” she explained. “Home search apps have made house hunting a simple endeavor from the comfort of one’s sofa at home.”

Once you settle on the living arrangement, innovations like Smart Home technology, including a cutting-edge security system, can enhance safety and comfort.

“Technology available within the home has made a dramatic impact on the ability of seniors and those with disabilities to control just about every aspect of their residence,” Randolph said.

These advances aren’t only offering comfort to seniors but those who love them as well.

“More and more home monitoring systems are now available to seniors, allowing their families and themselves greater peace of mind as Mom or Dad continue to live independently,” Randolph explained. For example there is technology that allows residents to avoid answering the door in person. Instead, they can see who’s there via a smart camera linked with their computer or phone. This kind of monitoring can help prevent unnecessary movement and may lower the risk of falls, which can be dangerous for the elderly.

It’s ultimately all about setting up a home that offers greater long-term accessibility for seniors, as well as safety and support, no matter their future or current living situation.

“Seeking the service of a professional team uniquely trained and experienced in the real estate needs of your senior loved one is a wise decision,” Randolph said.

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