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The Tech Tools That Are Making Life Easier for Caregivers

Chris Brooks, Photo: Courtesy of Ventec Life Systems

Combining multiple therapies into one medical device makes caregiving easier for the caregiver and their patient. Chris Brooks, chief strategy officer of Ventec Life Systems, which makes the VOCSN critical care ventilator, explains the advantages of these integrated technologies.

How can technology make caregivers’ lives easier?

People who rely on a ventilator to breathe require multiple pieces of equipment, which is challenging for caregivers to pack, prepare, and carry, even for a short trip to visit a family member. Rethinking traditional medical device design and functionality allows caregivers to focus less on managing equipment and spend more time focused on the patient. 

Integrated technology is commonplace in our daily lives — on our phone, in our cars and in our homes. Integrated medical devices like the VOCSN multi-function portable ventilator give caregivers and patients the tools they deserve to live better lives. 

What direct benefits have you seen for patients through the use of new tools and technologies?

Integrated technology doesn’t just reduce the size and weight of traditional medical equipment; it can also provide better care. Integrating five therapies into a single device like VOCSN guarantees that patients have access to therapy at all times. 

A smaller footprint and an easy-to-use system promotes greater compliance with prescribed therapies, which can lead to reduced risk of infection and overall patient health. For example, some ventilator users can benefit from cough therapy to keep their lungs and airways clean and reduce the risk of infection. With traditional equipment, this therapy requires complicated changes and switches between multiple machines, and can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Integrated care with VOCSN enables therapy in seconds at the touch of a button. 

What new advancements can improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers?

New technology is only helpful if patients have access. It is important for manufacturers, physicians, payers, and health systems to work together to encourage new technology, and ensure patients and caregivers are aware of and have access to these advancements. 

As the manufacturer of the only integrated medical device, we had to work closely with public and private payers to establish a new reimbursement mechanism for patient access, as well as working with physicians to educate them about the benefits of integrated respiratory care with VOCSN. When all of these groups work together to improve care, the innovation expands and the quality of life improves for patients and caregivers.

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