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Integrated Respiratory Care Supports Ventilator Patients and Caregivers

For most people, breathing happens without thought. But for people who need a ventilator, it’s a device they can’t live without. At Ventec Life Systems, we have worked with patients and caregivers to understand their pain points and to build an integrated, user-friendly medical device from the ground up that not only serves as a critical care ventilator, but also combines other therapies to keep users healthy at home.

We created the first Multi-Function Ventilator VOCSN because we heard these pain points loud and clear from caregivers and patients. Our teams slept on couches in patient homes and in long-term care facilities to capture feedback. We maintain a relentless commitment to understanding patient challenges and a passion for making our device easy to use. Every team member feels ownership in our mission, and helps drive innovation and the patient experience forward. 

Beyond buzzwords

Integrated care is a popular buzzword in healthcare today, but the technology integration that we are now accustomed to using throughout our lives has not progressed to medical devices. 

Ventilator users require additional equipment like oxygen, cough, suction, and nebulizer devices. The combination of five therapies in VOCSN (ventiallation, oxygen, cough, suction, and nebulizer) leapfrogs the current options for ventilator patients by creating the first and only all-in-one respiratory solution that is simple, mobile, and care changing.

Administering patient care using five devices takes time, creates undo stress for caregivers, and increases the risk for mistakes. Consequently, caregivers spend more time managing equipment and less time interacting with patients. Additionally, each device requires specific training to use and regular service to maintain. 

VOCSN offers an intuitive touchscreen that works more like a modern smartphone rather than a complicated medical device. A single touch screen makes it easier and less stressful to manage multiple therapies, monitors, and alarms, which means VOCSN is designed to reduce the risk of mistakes.

Restoring freedom

Ventilator patients wishing to leave their home are often required to transport more than 55 pounds of equipment, and numerous accessories, extra batteries, and power cords. Patients are typically confined to their homes due to the logistical burden and power needs of their life-support equipment. 

VOCSN provides everyday mobility to patients and caregivers so they can experience hospital-level care at home or on the go. All five therapies travel with the patient at all times and with up to nine hours of on-board battery, so patients no longer need to be tethered to a wall outlet or lug around large car batteries. The result is that patients become more mobile and can maintain their relationships with friends and family, and caregivers have more time to care for their patients. 

Stories from VOCSN users have included everything from a father dancing with his daughter at her wedding to VOCSN users leaving a long term care facility to enjoy a Mets baseball game surrounded by grandchildren and family — activities that many ventilator users couldn’t imagine with traditional equipment.

While breathing may happen without a thought for most people, our mission remains to help bring integrated respiratory care to all ventilator users and their caregivers so they can focus on the things that matter most — friends, family, and making new memories. 

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