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How Islamic Relief USA Is Continuing to Offer Support to Those in Need

Sharif Aly

CEO, Islamic Relief USA

Poverty, hunger and homelessness are impacting millions of people around the world. For the past 27 years, Islamic Relief USA has focused intensely on alleviating these problems.

We started from humble beginnings in a small office in California, and have grown to serve millions of people, with field offices in more than 40 countries. This was made possible through good-faith partnerships and unwavering loyalty from our supporters.  

Your donations, volunteering, and engagement have made it possible for the organization to continually expand the scope and numbers of people we can help worldwide. In addition to addressing food security, providing clean water, and creating access to healthcare and services, the organization in recent years has focused on disaster relief and rebuilding following natural crises. Our acclaimed Disaster Response Team has visited sites in North Carolina, California, Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, helping rebuild not only physical structures and damaged homes, but communal faith, good will, and optimism.

We are committed to assisting local jurisdictions by working with community-based organizations who supplement and execute the work we support through our grants and programs team. We’ve also worked with houses of worship and various faith-based organizations because, as our mission states, we strive to help and give a voice to people regardless of their gender, race, or creed. 


Whether it is promoting women’s education in Afghanistan, improving farming methods in Pakistan, eradicating cholera in Yemen, or fighting famine in several nations in Africa, Islamic Relief USA is committed to creating a sustainable world, built on the values of compassion, custodianship, excellence, sincerity, and social justice. 

Fighting the virus

The present coronavirus pandemic has further strengthened the bonds with our peer organizations, as we all work collectively to assist our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. By working together, we helped thousands of people get nonperishable food, financial assistance to buy basic necessities, and personal protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer. As Covid-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus, remains a threat, our work in distributing aid and equipment to those who are in most need remains essential.

Since its founding in 1993, Islamic Relief USA has worked hard at fulfilling its mission in conflict zones, states inundated with natural disasters, and communities that have long suffered with various structural and economic inequities. It has been able to do this with valuable partnerships committed to strengthening the human spirit. 

With that spirit in mind, Islamic Relief USA is confident that when it comes to the COVID-19 public health crisis, we will get through this together. 

This article has been paid for by Islamic Relief USA.

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