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Your body needs iron to function. Choosing the right iron supplement can make a profound difference in your health.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional disorders in the world. And the problem may be getting worse.

“We’re eating loads of iron-rich food, but we’re not absorbing it,” says Michela Vagnini, a nutritionist with NaturesPlus, a leading health and wellness supplements company. “Iron is not the easiest molecule to absorb.” Many factors, including medications or even intense exercise, can inhibit iron absorption.

NaturesPlus is the total blood health support supplement that provides iron and its critical cofactors for proven results!

Negative effects

Many symptoms of iron deficiency — lack of energy, thinning hair, sallow complexion — are ignored or masked. Iron-rich foods don’t always provide enough, so many turn to generic iron supplements. “It is vitally important to choose the right supplement when you need iron,” says Vagnini. “It’s all about blood health.”

“Iron is a very ionic mineral, it likes to react with things,” explains Rafael Avila, NaturesPlus vice president of research and development. “That’s why it’s in our blood — it likes to hold on to oxygen — and why it’s so difficult for our bodies to absorb. That’s also why iron supplements can give you an upset stomach and other uncomfortable side effects — the iron is reacting with stuff in the intestine.”

NaturesPlus has developed its iron supplement product, HemaPlex, to address these issues. Adding organic molecules that surround the iron can remove uncomfortable side effects by preventing iron from reacting with elements in the body. This makes HemaPlex much more comfortable to take than other iron supplements.

You want an iron supplement that’s effective, but also gentle and nonbinding as well. That’s what you’ll find in HEMA-PLEX

Total blood health

What sets HemaPlex apart from other iron supplements is its holistic approach to blood health. Avila says that iron supplements need to be formulated to be very gentle on the body in order to be effective for a wide range of people without side effects. “The biggest misconception about iron supplements is that all iron is the same,” notes Avila. “There are good forms, and there are nutrients and powerful antioxidants you can add to make the supplements better functioning and more comfortable.” 

HemaPlex is formulated using a form of iron that is very gentle on the body and includes beneficial co-factors like vitamin C, which enhances absorption, vitamin B12, folic acid, other B vitamins, zinc, and copper which enhance red blood cell formation. HemaPlex is also vegan, gluten-free, safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, and is available as tablets, capsules, liquid, softgels, and chewables.

Vagnini notes that the benefits of the right iron supplement formula are usually pretty obvious. “You’ll feel the energy pretty quickly,” she says. “Sometimes you don’t even notice that you need iron until you take some and you go, ‛oh, that makes me feel alive!’”

For more information about HemaPlex, please visit or go to to try it for just the cost of shipping.

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