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Ensuring global distribution and fulfillment of medical kits is essential. Two companies have partnered to meet the challenge worldwide.

Strategic alliance

Titan Solutions, based in Ireland, and The Allied Group, based in Rhode Island, teamed up over three years ago to be the global solution for specimen collection-based genetic and diagnostic test kitting and fulfillment. This strategic alliance maximizes both companies’ respective strengths in kit building and supply chain services.

With a motto of “one world, one solution,” they’re committed to providing test kitting and fulfillment across the world, no matter where the customer is. Allied Group serves customers in North and South America, while Titan Solutions is the contact in Europe and rest of the world.

“It’s a great fit culturally, philosophically, organizationally,” said Brian Butler, vice president of business development at The Allied Group.

Digital tracking

Titan Solutions and The Allied Group procure all the components that go into a kit, assemble the kits, and then ship them directly to the clinics, hospitals, and consumers that order them.

“Once the specimen sample is taken, we collect the sample from hospitals, clinics, or direct from the patient and return it back to the lab,” said Paul O’Connell, director of business development for Titan Solutions. “The point of difference that sits behind our service offering are the digital platforms we have supporting the delivery and collection, so we can provide full traceability from start to finish, ensuring the integrity of the sample.”

Often the specimens are time-sensitive, such as start to finish in three days, so it’s critical to have quick, efficient turnaround, which digital tracking helps ensure. Customers use an interactive dashboard to track where the test kit is within the supply chain at any time. They receive daily reports and have customer service support, if needed.

“It takes a tremendous amount of the effort away from businesses,” said O’Connell, noting customers no longer have to chase down suppliers for components or freight companies for shipping.

The partnership offers value to customers, including experience in temperature control and integrity of specimen samples during transport; an electronic invoice process known as “paperless trade,” which is a global standard customs clearance process; and operational, quality system, and IT redundancy in the United States and European Union, which ensures a seamless customer experience.

End-to-end solutions

Diagnostic and genetic tests play a critical role in healthcare and therapeutics and the market is growing. Data Bridge Market Research anticipates the global genetic testing market will increase more than 15% by 2029, going from 14,587.03 million in 2021 to $44,892.91 million by 2029. That growth is due to many factors, including higher demand for testing for genetic disorders, genetic testing advancements, and increased research and development.

With increased consumer demand for these tests and rising healthcare costs, providers need advanced tools that are fast, accurate, informative, and affordable.

Traditionally, the kit building and supply chain would include multiple businesses, which could be cumbersome for health business customers to navigate. But the new partnership between Titan Solutions and Allied Group provides an end-to-end solution for customers, something no one else is doing in this industry.

Their work is not cookie cutter. It’s a tailored solution to help meet individual customers’ needs.

The partnership streamlines the global fulfillment and distribution solutions that genetic and diagnostic testing organizations need. The goal is to reach customers quickly, to be on time, and to collect and deliver kits and samples anywhere across the world.

Seamless experiment

Their end-to-end logistics solution starts with a single point-of-contact, helping companies navigate what otherwise might be a difficult process.

“From a customer perspective, it’s seamless,” Butler said. “You’re not calling 10 different people. It’s channeled very efficiently through a new line of communication.”

Titan Solutions and Allied Group are poised to help genetic and diagnostic testing organizations smoothly scale their operations globally.

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