cancer care

TOPICS The changing landscape of cancer care in the 21st century is simultaneously shaping the patient experience, as oncologists learn more about this disease.

The Future of Cancer Care Is Personal

In the era of personalized cancer care, we are learning that a single cancer cell can determine the best treatment.  We are also learning that we can use the body’s own immune system to fight cancer and how to best customize medicines to meet each individual patient’s needs.

The Healing Power of Humor

Is breast cancer a laughing matter? One woman shares why she couldn’t help but laugh at the unexpected, bizarre and hilarious experiences she had through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstruction surgery. 

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How Epigenetics Could Be a Key to Defeating Blood Cancers

Epigenetics is one of the approaches revolutionizing the development of new cancer therapies. A new treatment being studied is emerging as a hopeful option for patients with blood cancers with few current alternatives.