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The Science of Sleep and Brain Health

science of sleep-brainluxury-omega 3-delta-melatonin free-tryptophan-amino acids
science of sleep-brainluxury-omega 3-delta-melatonin free-tryptophan-amino acids

The brain is an organ, and like with all organs, you should make a conscious effort to keep it healthy and active.

Few people know that the human brain is composed of more than 70% fat. Essential omega-3 oils, which act as the building material for the brain, are essential to supporting the brain network, says science-based brain health supplements brand BRAINLUXURY. Balancing your diet to make sure your brain is getting the nutrients it needs is an important part of ensuring your brain stays healthy.

Together with his BRAINLUXURY co-founders, biochemist Axel Bouchon set out on a mission to nourish our brain to its optimum performance. Axel brought in his extensive experience from a career in pharmaceuticals and technology to BRAINLUXURY, having previously served as the serial CEO for Moderna Ventures and having built several companies before. The human brain drives the innovation behind the company’s products.


Through its research, BRAINLUXURY discovered that modern diets often lack the ingredients — especially key essential omega-3 — needed to properly resupply the brain. Its first product, DELTA, was designed to fill the gaps as a supplement that helps replenish nutrients to the brain and enable it to reach a state of deep sleep naturally. DELTA delivers a formula of essential omega-3 and amino acids including tryptophan, the necessary precursor nutrient, which enables your brain to produce melatonin or serotonin naturally, leaving it in control to produce as much or as little of either as is necessary based on your own unique needs.

BRAINLUXURY’s innovative approach of coaxing, not forcing, the brain into sleep has been well-received by early adopters, setting the stage for several forthcoming, complementary product launches, all developed to improve how we nourish and fuel our brain to promote more natural sleep, focus, and creativity. BRAINLUXURY’s melatonin-free formulations are guided by the natural science of the human brain and the importance of neuroplasticity in enabling our brain to recharge and restore itself via deep sleep. Led by a diverse, passionate, and experienced team, BRAINLUXURY is primed to revolutionize the brain health space.

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