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Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight Share Their Passion for Skincare

mcknight-itk-skincare-wellness-skin health-walmart
mcknight-itk-skincare-wellness-skin health-walmart

Twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight are making a splash in the skincare market with their clean and affordable products. Find out what inspired their brand, itk, and learn their personal skincare tips.

What inspired you to start a skincare brand?

We have been on social media for around 14 years now. We started at such a young age we basically grew up and went through puberty online. This was the start of the skincare passion, as we both (but specifically me, Bailey) struggled with acne and wanted to find something that helped combat it. We vlogged it all, from morning and night routines to testing crazy skincare hacks. It developed this fascination with finding products that were not only good for your skin, but also didn’t break the bank like most clean products do.

It was really the moment we realized there wasn’t a brand that fulfilled having clean ingredients as well as being affordable that made us want to pursue creating a skincare line. Now we have our itk skincare line that is not only really clean, but also cute, vegan/cruelty-free, and affordable. 

Why is skincare important?

As someone who really struggled with self-confidence because of my acne at a young age, I understand the necessity of being able to curate a skincare routine that works and is maintainable. When you find products that work, it can completely change the confidence level you have — and all together change your day-to-day attitude. Your skin plays a huge role in how you feel about yourself, which is why it is so important to me. 

How have your skincare routines changed over the years?

Our skincare routines have definitely changed over the years. It started out as an exploration — trying to find what steps worked and why. Then it developed into finding the best products that fit into those steps and learning why those products did or didn’t work. 

How important is sunscreen in a skin routine?

It is an absolute must! We have all heard it, and it may sound cliche, but if you care about your skin, please wear sunscreen. Skin damage from sun exposure is irreversible — what’s done is done. Sunscreen helps prevent that damage and can have a huge impact on your skin health later in life. 

What are your biggest skin concerns?

Even though we are older now, I would definitely have to say acne is at the top of that list. Whether it comes from traveling or a hormonal breakout, it’s the biggest skincare concern to tackle. 

Any other advice on skincare you would like to share?

I know how intimidating the skincare world can seem, from millions of products to even more ingredients and potential steps to take. It can really be daunting. I promise it isn’t as scary as it seems. Start with simple steps like finding a cleanser you like and washing your face every night. It doesn’t have to be a 15-part routine to be able to help your skin and take steps in the right direction! 

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