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Elevate Your Oral Care Routine This Spring

White smiles-Brush teeth-oral care-bright smile
White smiles-Brush teeth-oral care-bright smile

Interested in taking your oral care to the next level?

How do you get that “fresh-from-the-dentist” clean feeling on the 360+ days you’re not at the dentist? You turn to a revolutionary oral care kit that integrates advanced technology to deliver brighter, whiter smiles, and cleaner, healthier teeth. The result is that consumers look and feel their best and enjoy greater confidence as they go about their day. Inspired and designed by dental professionals, izzoTM was developed by fourth-generation family-owned Premier Dental, a global developer and manufacturer of dental and medical products that has been in business for 100+ years, with a presence in 76 countries. 

What makes izzoTM more than just an electric toothbrush? izzoTM is the first and only four-in-one Advanced Oral Care System that goes significantly beyond just the typical toothbrush to give your teeth a whole new level of cleanness. izzoTM is a technology for your mouth that leads to healthy, confident smiles. izzoTM not only helps you brush effectively, it helps you polish to remove surface stains for a brighter, whiter smile. In fact, izzoTM has been shown to remove surface stains from foods like coffee, tea, or red wine 73 percent more effectively than advanced whitening toothpastes.1 Additionally, izzoTM offers a scaler to help remove plaque and debris between your teeth, and a UVC sanitizer that kills 99.99 percent of germs that can lurk in your brush — even after rinsing — to ensure it’s germ-free for your next use. Best of all, it gives you that fresh, clean feeling and a healthy confidence to look and feel your best.

izzo-oral health-toothbrush-electric toothbrush

“Our drive and passion to continue to elevate oral care is at the heart of our business expansion into direct-to-consumer,” said Julie Charlestein, fourth-generation CEO of Premier Dental. “izzoTM is a natural extension of our commitment and experience to the professional, where we have been at the forefront of innovative solutions for over a century. We are so excited and energized to bring this science and technology revolution to consumers so that they can experience Healthy Confidence.”

izzoTM also offers a convenient “Subscribe and Save” option, enabling consumers to automatically receive refills of brush heads, polishing cup heads, and enamel polishing paste every two, three or four months — resulting in savings of 20 percent. Plus, active subscribers with at least three continuous refill cycles automatically benefit from a lifetime warranty for all products associated with their original izzoTM kit. This subscription makes it easy for consumers to maintain their wellness routines and elevate their at-home oral care to maintain healthier, whiter smiles, which can lead to higher self-confidence and improved overall health.

Interested in taking your oral care to the next level? The revolutionary izzoTM system is currently available online for purchase at for $129.95.

1 Based on average stain removal and abrasion of 26 leading cleaning/whitening toothpastes from leading brands

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