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5 of the Top Pregnancy Trends of 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Cassidy Rowell

1. The milk bath

We have had our fill of flower crowns and underwater maternity shoots — now milk baths have become the new craze. Pregnant women are having photoshoots while submerged in milk and flower petals, taking pregnancy glow to a whole new level. Just make sure to rinse really well afterwards — milk has a lot of sugar, and yeast loves sugar.

2. Extravagant gender reveals

Couples have taken this trend to a whole new level. Remember the days of the birth gender reveal? Now parents want earlier gratification, and they want their family in on the fun. From pink or blues cakes to explosion of colors via baseball bats, expecting parents are having parties with the goal of celebrating the reveal of their baby’s gender.

3. Nurseries with reclaimed wood

Gone are the days when nurseries were pink, blue, yellow or green. Couples are now opting to create a space that can grow with the baby, with many couples adding reclaimed wood pieces, neutral tones and opting away from the pinks and blues of yesterday.

4. Pregnancy apps and wearable devices

New app companies are thriving, and pregnant women are utilizing them. You can now track nutrition, movement and other milestones. You can customize the plan that is right for you and your pregnancy.

5. Education

The new-age mom is looking to be as educated as possible. They are attending classes at their local hospital and birth centers, where they can have a day to find their unique parenting style. Remember, no two families are exactly the same, and learning your unique style will empower you as a mother.

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