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Funeral Preplanning: What You and Your Family Should Know

Photo: Courtesy of panyawat auitpol on Unsplash

Funeral preplanning can be a lasting gift to your loved ones. Here are five reasons why you should plan yours.


Funerals commemorate a life well lived and provide a safe space for loved ones to mourn. But if we don’t plan for our final wishes and pay for them ahead of time, the burden of making those decisions (and costs) are passed down to loved ones.

Preplanning has been available for decades, but because people tend to avoid conversations about death, most are unaware of how to start. According to the Funeral and Memorial Information Council, nearly 69 percent of adults over the age of 40 would prefer to plan their funeral or memorial service. When they do, our research shows 100 percent are satisfied with the decision and nearly 60 percent would recommend it to others. Here’s why.

1. Relieves emotional burdens

When you preplan, you decide how you want to be remembered and honored. This answers many difficult questions for your family, which allows them the mental capacity to better support one another in their time of grief.

2. Saves your family money

If you can, prepaying for your funeral offers additional savings as some funeral homes allow you to lock in certain costs. This may help offset price increases over time. If you can’t or don’t want to pay in advance, planning for these costs now can still help reduce your family’s financial burden later.


3. Avoids family conflict

Without knowing your final wishes, well-meaning family members might disagree on your services. Preplanning allows you to inform your family of your preferences, potentially eliminating disputes.

4. Gives you control and peace of mind

By preplanning your funeral, you can specify what’s important to you — the type of services you’d like, burial or cremation plans, music, flowers, and more — and ensures that your final wishes are fulfilled.

5. Grow closer to your family

Preplanning allows the people closest to you to participate in decisions about how to honor your life. If they’re resistant, explain the benefits outlined above so they know you’re planning with everyone’s best interests in mind. Remember, preplanning and paying for your funeral now can help minimize your loved ones’ worries so they can focus on celebrating your life.

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