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How To Ease Into a Plant-Based Lifestyle

plant based diet-plnt burger-spike mendelsohn
plant based diet-plnt burger-spike mendelsohn
Spike Mendelsohn

Spike Mendelsohn, co-founder and chef at Eat the Change and co-founder of PLNT Burger, shares his tips for transitioning to an eco-friendly, plant-based diet.


What advice would you give to someone who is transitioning to a plant-based diet?

The most important thing is to have an open mind when moving toward a plant-forward lifestyle. Think of this as an opportunity to embrace a vast array of plants and fungi that maybe didn’t play a huge role in your diet but are both delicious and nutritious. You might discover your new favorite mushroom or root vegetable!

For meat lovers like myself, I suggest experimenting with plant-based alternatives like Beyond Meat, which really helped kick off my plant-based journey. Products like the Beyond sausage or ground beef can be swapped in for the animal protein in a pasta, chili, or sandwich and can be just as delicious as beef or pork, but without the cholesterol, fat content, or big environmental footprint.

What are some common misconceptions about a plant-based diet?

One I hear a lot is that people are concerned they won’t get adequate protein, which couldn’t be further from the truth if you know the ingredients to incorporate into your diet. Another one is that plant-based dishes will be bland or not filling. At PLNT Burger, our mission is to show people plant-based options that are both indulgent and delicious while reducing your carbon footprint.

How can a plant-based diet improve your health?


Eating a well-balanced, plant-based diet is not only better for the planet but for your personal health as well. Plant-based foods tend to deliver more fiber, an important component of our diets that health experts say Americans are only getting about half of their recommended daily intake of. Plant-based and higher-fiber diets are also known to reduce inflammation and risk to certain types of chronic diseases while lowering body weight, increasing your energy level, and improving gut health. Try plant-based for a week like I did in January, and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference!

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