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Innovations in Diabetes Treatment Are on the Horizon

Photo: Courtesy of LifeScan

Brian Heald, SVP and head of product at LifeScan, discusses improvements in diabetes care and new ways for patients to manage.

Brian Heald, SVP

Head of Product, LifeScan

What is the biggest focus for diabetes researchers in 2021? 

Supporting diabetes management using intelligent, personalized solutions that result in health population management for improved outcomes. Simply stated, meeting people where they are in their diabetes journey – whether Type 1 or Type 2, newly diagnosed, or on insulin therapy. At LifeScan, we are focused on addressing the challenge they share: How to manage their diabetes and the related conditions and reduce the mental burden. Researchers are looking to simplify and automate management, enable systems that learn and support in the moment, and improve access, leading to better outcomes. 

What is the best way for people to manage their diabetes during this pandemic? 

Always follow the safety precautions and the direction of your healthcare provider. Test your blood glucose and take your medications, make healthy food choices, and include regular physical activity. Use blood glucose meters and digital tools that enable telehealth, like the OneTouch Reveal® app, to make it easy to share results and get insights to manage your diabetes. Make it a priority to stay connected with friends, family, and healthcare providers – and live and enjoy life! 

How can people recently diagnosed with diabetes ensure they are prioritizing their health?

Think of managing diabetes as taking steps to enhance your health and improving your life. See blood glucose test results as information to help you understand what to do next, rather than a “pass/fail.” Our latest innovation, the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter, gives you personalized guidance, insight, and encouragement right on screen so you can take action to help manage highs and lows. 

How is technology changing the patient experience for those with diabetes? 

Modern technology enables real-time sensing, real-time analysis, and real-time feedback for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers and caregivers. The future for people with diabetes will be simple solutions that anticipate their needs, make supportive recommendations, and create real-time access points for needed insights. The idea of a fully supportive diabetes digital assistant will enable improved outcomes. The OneTouch® family of products from LifeScan is defined by simplicity, accuracy, and trust – and on the leading edge of this new future.

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