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Television Host Giuliana Rancic Opens up About Her Breast Cancer Journey

Photos: Courtesy of Guiliana Rancic

A breast cancer diagnosis can be discouraging and terrifying, but as a cancer survivor, television personality and celebrity author Giuliana Rancic knows that her experience, knowledge, optimism and perseverance are all things that helped bring her to where she is now: five years cancer-free.

Hard decisions

Rancic’s experience with breast cancer challenged her in countless ways, but it also taught her to value her life in an entirely new way and provided a fresh perspective. “I count my blessings every moment of my life and never lose sight of how precious life is — and how your life can be turned upside down in a single moment.”

She underwent two mastectomies and two lumpectomies in her years with cancer, but Rancic says that, relating to her experience personally, she’s “so happy [she] got the mastectomy and cut the cancer out.”

After recovering from her mastectomy, she created FAB-U-WISH, which is an initiative that grants women battling breast cancer “fabulous-themed wishes.” It helps women who are battling the disease feel special and helps keep their mind off it, if only for a day. Rancic sees it as “a privilege that [she] is able to help these deserving and beautiful women.”

While her experience wasn’t at all ideal, Rancic finds much positivity from her situation and has remained starkly optimistic. “In many ways, breast cancer was the worst experience of my life, but it also brought me many gifts, and being able to put a big smile on a special woman’s face is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts of all.”

Knowledge as motivation

One of the most important aspects of her journey to become cancer free was acquiring as much knowledge as possible. “My biggest piece of advice for women who are diagnosed is to get a second opinion,” she says. “I think the most critical arsenal in beating breast cancer was knowledge. Knowledge is power, and that is especially true when you are diagnosed with something as serious as breast cancer.”

Of course, it was easy to feel hopeless and afraid, but Rancic stayed motivated by relying on what she learned and who she taught herself to fight for her — her loved ones. “Giving up was not an option for me. I was prepared to fight until the end and the four words ‘this too shall pass’ helped me make it through each and every day.”

“I remember early on thinking to myself that I couldn’t take something as big as breast cancer on, but I quickly learned that you really don’t know how strong you are until you are forced to be strong,” she shares. “It’s amazing what we are capable of in terms of fighting a battle.”

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