Anyone who watches sports is probably familiar with some of the physical benefits of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) injections. Others might have heard of it as an anti-aging cure. These uses have been fraught with controversy over ethics and side effects. However, HGH has many other applications, and a new supplement that increases the body’s HGH levels naturally may help doctors seize its power for a variety of health benefits.

How does HGH work?

HGH promotes lean body mass and muscle strength and suppresses fat mass. It also plays a role in our immune, reproductive and cardiovascular systems, as well as in our brain’s memory and cognition. A decline in these systems is often associated with aging and various medical conditions.

While synthetic HGH injections have been the norm for those seeking health benefits, our body’s natural system functions in a distinctly different way. “In a given day, you don’t have a constant level of growth hormone,” says Amy Heaton, Ph.D., a biochemist specializing in the human endocrine system, “It actually has a pulsatile release. As we age, the number of pulses stays about the same over the course of a day, but the amplitude is significantly reduced.”

When HGH is given at high levels in one-time injections, it overloads the body, disrupting the natural circadian rhythm. “It will actually blunt the body’s production if you have too much of synthetic HGH,” says Heaton. This disruption is linked with the side effects (like sleep problems and painful swelling) that many people associate with synthetic HGH.

A natural boost

Heaton, who serves as chief scientific officer for the Sierra Research Group, is leading a team looking into the benefits of a new type of HGH supplement called SeroVital.

“It does not contain HGH, so it’s very different from any injection,” says Heaton, “It’s nurturing the pituitary, which is the gland that produces it, rather than overriding that system, which is what an injection will do.”

'“Having a natural way to promote the release of HGH may have even wider applications.”'

Because of SeroVital’s ability to increase HGH levels naturally, without the cost and controversy of synthetic injections — and utilizing a more natural pathway — it holds a lot of promise in the research world. HGH isn’t just for sports-doping or vanity anymore. Ongoing studies are demonstrating the wider applications of HGH.

New possibilities

Because of HGH’S relationship to reproductive cell growth, the new supplement is playing a role in supporting female infertility. Heaton’s team has already seen some success, and she notes that they’ve “just reported six case studies of increased fertility.” Heaton adds that human growth hormone may also offer treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome and mild endometriosis.

Heaton is hopeful for the future of SeroVital’s new formula. “Having a natural way to promote the release of HGH may have even wider applications,” she says “so we’re continuing to do research and find novel applicability in the medical realm, as well as to the consumer.”

Heaton’s lab is currently designing a study for treating sleep fragmentation symptoms in PTSD, since the largest pulse of HGH is in the first phase of sleep, and she also sees promise in potential treatment of male fertility.

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