While great strides have been made, there is still more policy work to be done. Below are a few areas of recent coverage you should take advantage of for your health:

1. Birth control

Thanks to the ACA, women can receive birth control with no cost sharing under their insurance plans. Birth control can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer up to 50 percent when taken for five years. Birth control can also reduce painful periods, treat endometriosis, treat heavy periods and even help improve PMS.

2. Annual well-woman visit

Preventative services during your annual well-woman visit are now covered with no out-of-pocket costs. Take advantage of this yearly benefit to talk to your doctor about your family’s cancer history and your risk for gynecologic cancer.

3. Pre-existing conditions

Before the ACA, if you had certain pre-existing medical conditions an insurance company could deny you insurance. That practice is no longer allowable under federal law, but more work needs to be done to ensure that effective treatment options are available to all at-risk patients.

4. Genetic testing

The guidelines as to who is eligible for genetic testing are rapidly changing because of how fast science is moving in the field of genetics. Be sure to go through your family’s cancer history with your doctor to find out if genetic testing is the right step for you and your health.