Inflamed, stiff joints are common symptoms for people with arthritis. Exercise is a solution that may help to reduce inflammation and improve range of motion.

Two types of training to use are load bearing exercises and flexibility training. Load bearing exercises are commonly referred to as weight training or resistance training.

Bone density

Resistance training improves muscle strength and helps to improve bone density.  Stronger muscles support and protect joints which can lead to reductions in inflammation and pain.

"Talk with your doctor and obtain medical clearance."

Ways to start load bearing resistance training are step aerobics, exercise tubing and walking with a weighted vest or belt.  To improve flexibility start with basic stretching exercises.

Try using a stretching strap to help you maintain the correct position when stretching and to provide support. Work to stretch your entire body for the best benefits.

Speak up

Most important, before starting your exercise program, talk with your doctor and obtain medical clearance.