Allison T. Vidimos, M.D.

President, American College of Mohs Surgery

“Mohs' micrographic surgery provides very high cure rates while sparing the most amount of normal skin.”

Michael Kaplan

President and CEO, Melanoma Research Alliance

“Avoid direct sun exposure mid-day when the sun is strongest, and by all means, avoid sunbeds, which increase your risk of melanoma by 75 percent.”

Mitchell A. Kline, M.D.

Kline Dermatology

“For melanoma, we’ve seen patient survival rates improve with immunotherapy, which targets specific genetic changes in melanoma tumors.”

Karleen G. Seybold

Founder and CEO of DermSpectra

“Avoiding skin cancer from recurring is every patient’s goal, however, every patient needs to protect themselves from the harmful UV radiation and use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher as part of their daily routine.”

Thomas E. Rohrer, M.D.

President, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

“Skin cancer awareness, early detection and technology have made most skin cancers 100 percent treatable if detected early.”