1. Incorporate mini-massages when you apply your serum.

Good circulation is an important aspect of achieving healthy skin. To promote circulation on your face when using silky serums, press pressure points (e.g., sides of temples, between eyebrows and nose) and also use your knuckles to lightly but vigorously massage the face upwards. Remember to never tug or pull harshly. Ample silky serums will allow for rubbing without the friction. This kills two birds with one stone: serums are applied, and your face is reinvigorated.

2. Consider skipping the towel.

Towels can be irritating if not clean. Consider air-drying and, before the face is completely dry, apply your toner, followed by the rest of your skin care regimen.

"The golden rule is that the neck and below should receive equal amounts of tender, loving care."

3. Workouts are not just for the body.

The face also has muscles that can sag. Consider working out your face. These facial exercises deserve a whole other article, but for now consider pronouncing vowels every morning, five times each, with very exaggerated motions of your mouth. Facial workouts can help your skin look great and feel great—after all, an appropriate amount of muscle is often great for healthiness, even on the face.

4. Sheet mask leftovers can go a long way.

Sheet masking is a much-loved beauty step in Korea that’s slowly making its way over to the US. The sheet mask packets are usually packed with serums filled with active ingredients. Even after the sheet mask is pulled and applied, the remaining goop can be applied on the neck (use upwards strokes), décolletage and backs of hands. The golden rule here is that the neck and below should receive equal amounts of tender, loving care.

5. Think layers.

When the face is being cleansed, instead of visualizing one big cleansing process—rubbing makeup off and cleansing pores all at once—imagine that each layer of impurity, makeup, SPF or oil is being teased out one layer at a time and gently removed. If you do this, the dual-cleansing step—first starting off with an oil-based cleanser that gently removes the oil-based impurities, then removing the next layer with a gentle water-based cleanser—starts to make a lot of sense.

So remove makeup and impurities a layer at a time. This helps you be gentle and patient instead of treating skin harshly, which can irritate and potentially even damage the skin’s moisture barrier. In the same vein, consider thinking of skin care as being applied one layer at a time. A toner is pat-in, followed by face oils, serums and ampoules. Again, one layer at a time, allowing for it to seep in for 30 seconds to a minute before the next layer is applied. The final layer would be either a cream or sleeping mask, which you can sleep in, to seal in the goodness you’ve applied. Thinking in layers can help visualize the gentleness and application process that may go a long way in elevating your skin care game.