Tooth decay is recognized as the number one chronic childhood disease. In fact, it is causing needless pain and suffering of thousands of children.

A modern epidemic

It may seem ridiculous that tooth decay has reached epidemic proportions, but more than 40 percent of children suffer from tooth decay by the time they start kindergarten!

"An estimated 16.5 million children in the U.S. go without even basic oral health care each year."

Many fail to realize that poor oral health can adversely affect a child’s overall systemic health and ability to thrive. An estimated 16.5 million children in the U.S. go without even basic oral health care each year. Lack of proper oral health care results rampant tooth decay, causing pain, infection, malnutrition, sleep deprivation and negatively impact a child’s ability to learn and grow.

However, tooth decay is preventable and implementing good oral health habits can ensure your child has the building blocks they need for a happy, healthy future!

Preventive dental care is an essential element to ensuring a child’s overall health and ability to thrive and should begin at the prenatal level and continue throughout early childhood and adolescence.

Here are a few of the most improtant tips for a healthy smile:

  • Children should visit the dentist before age one, and children with special needs may require earlier and more frequent appointments.

  • Invest in a new toothbrush at least every three months and after every illness to avoid lingering bacteria and germs.

  • Encourage your child to eat healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and yogurt. Avoid starchy and sticky snacks that can cling to teeth and cause decay.

  • Brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day.

  • Children should visit their dentist once every six months.